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Timefall is an open source tool accessible to anyone who wants to better understand how they allocate their time and how it can be used most productively

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v0.6.1 - currently in beta


Task Creation with Hourly Rate

The app allows you to create tasks and specify an hourly rate for each task. This feature is useful for tracking time and calculating payment.

Task Organization

You can organize your tasks by grouping them into folders. This helps you easily find relevant tasks and manage them efficiently.

Time Entries with Hourly Rate Calculation

Timefall displays time entries grouped by days. You’ll see how much time was spent on each task, along with the calculated hourly payment.

Reports for Weeks, Months, and Years

You can analyze your productivity by viewing reports for different time periods. This feature helps you understand how effectively you manage your time.


Timefall uses a simple JSON-based database stored locally on your computer, rather than in the cloud.

Timefall released under the AGPL v3 License.

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